Case study

At first Grimbergen's Key Visuals always included the full beer glass, the phoenix bird and fire!


This takes a Photoshop specialist… ME!

For events we also made various kinds of flags and signs.

And loads of SoMe events and online competitions.

This also included the design of different types of packaging, neck hangers and social media feeds.

Seasonal campaigns

Every year it was great fun to fold out a holiday theme and produce loads of posters, signs, ads and all kinds of holiday stuff.




Grimbergen is a Belgian abbey beer in the premium category, and it's one of Carlsberg's special beers on the Danish market.


GORM Agency and I have helped them with all their marketing and branding built on the international material adapted to the Danish market.

For every kind of Grimbergen variant I’ve made posters, signs, desktop stands, POS materials and whatever was right for the season and target group.



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